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Engaged? What's Your Next Step...

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The Top 10 Reasons you're going to LUV-LUV-LUV Prep2wed workshops!

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Will your Wedding be Memorable for the Right Reasons?

This short-list of catastrophes could have been avoided....courtesy of our Florists, DJ, Photographer and Planner friends: Read and learn! Read More

Why Prep2wed you ask?

Your Groom's attentive and pensive and your Father and he have had "the talk" and you know it's just right around the corner... you've dropped subtle (or not so subtle hints), about the type of ring you're in love with, and it's a very exciting time! You just know he's going to pop the question very soon. That's terrific! We're happy for you both! Read More

From a Guest Writer... A Wedding Planner? The Why behind the decision

The Merits of Hiring a Wedding Planner 24/04/2013

Back when I was planning my wedding, I waffled back and forth between wishing I could afford a wedding planner and thinking I would never want a wedding planner. I know, makes no sense, right? Well hear me out. Read More

What are the trends in Bridal Veils and Headpieces

February 21, 2012

Close your eyes and picture a bride. Though everyone sees a different dress, a different bouquet, no one imagines a bride without her veil. It is the ultimate bridal accessory. Think about it. Even in casual clothing, put on a veil, viola — you become a bride. Like a beautiful bow; your veil completes the package. No other accessory is as dependent on your dress, your body type, and your personality. Ultimately, your headpiece reflects your personal style. Considering a Fascinator or a Blusher?….read on…. Read More

R.s.v.p.'ing, the Dodo Bird and the "Easy Button"

February 2, 2012

What happened to the Dodo Bird? We wonder if it’s with mingling with the R.s.v.p., perhaps? The topic of the R.s.v.p. has been interesting to me as for a very long time. I thought I was the only person a lack of an R.s.v.p. was a real pet peeve for. I was wrong. Maybe the question should be why did we stop sending our R.s.v.p.? Honestly, I just don't know. What I do know is that not responding to an invitation is bad form and it reflects negatively when not issued correctly... Read More

How do you organize the guest list?

February 1, 2012

How do you organize the guest list? Often this is a question that couples wrestle with, due to obligation, family pressure and budgets. The following quick tips offer some insight into the topic. These are the very kind of things we at Mrs Hancock’s deal with everyday when we work with our clients. We have the know the right approach to handle the many challenges couples face when planning a wedding, let us work with you make sure your day is stress free insuring you and your families are “present” and remember every moment. Read More

Your Engagement Party!

January 27, 2012

The first formal celebration of your journey to the altar is a real time to celebrate. This short article highlights current trends such as hiring a planner, gourmet food and getting dressed up. Enjoy! Read More

What is Day-of Coordinating?

January 25, 2012

One of the services that Mrs. Hancock’s offers is our Day-of Coordinating Package. It's a common misconception that couples believe our service will only include the actual day. Day-of Coordinators do a lot more than show up on the day of your wedding and we would like to give you a little more information on what Day-of Coordination involves. Read More